WOW: Walk A Mile In My Shoes

We often hear the term – “Try looking at it from my shoes or my perspective.” Have  we ever stopped a moment to think? Here are a few things I wish people would hear to understand how something looks when looked through my eyes.

  1. Yes, I do want that second piece of Kaju Katli or pizza. Don’t assume I don’t want second helpings because I have gained a few kgs.
  2. Yes, I prioritize family commitments over working that extra half hour in office. Don’t assume I am any less ambitious because I preferred to leave early that day when I had to participate in a puja.
  3. Yes, I love reading science fiction and watching futuristic movies. Don’t assume I  will only read chick flicks because of my gender.
  4. Yes, sometimes I act tough if the situation warrants. Don’t assume I will always be docile and sweet, no matter the circumstances.
  5. And finally, yes, I have progressed in my career and life well in the last few years. It’s not always because I had the best brains or because I had the best opportunities. Hard Work played a huge part too.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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