The family heirloom

Andy was annoyed.

He had enacted the grieving grandson role to perfection and endured the funeral. The old guy had always had a soft spot for him and usually favoured him in anything that pitted him against the other family members.

He had gone to the lawyer’s office with great expectations. The old man had the last laugh – all he had been left with was these old pair of shoes.

He had flung them at his cousin Punty before leaving. It was later that he heard the shoes had contained priceless stamps of 1600’s, worth millions. Drat the senile dotard.

Thanks to Sarah Potter for the photo prompt and to for hosting Friday Fictioneers.


Categories: Flash fiction, Fridayfictioneers

19 replies

  1. Another unprdictable, original response. Good for you.

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  2. A treasure lost. A very different take. Nicely done.

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  3. Ha, never judge things on appearance alone. I’m glad he didn’t get the money in the end.

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  4. Dear Lavanya,

    He didn’t deserve his inheritance. Well done.



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  5. Well told. We get the picture of the guy currying favor hoping for some reward. Then he actually missed it when it did come; seems a type of justice

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  6. Seems to me he got precisely what he deserved 🙂


  7. Ah Lavanya! This one is so well-spun! You are on the right track and I see a bright future ahead of you as a writer. Keep going! Love and Cheers!

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