The helping hand

Richard was on his way home when he first saw Karim, huddled by the roadside. Feeling a instant pity, he had taken the boy home. On the morrow, he had taken the boy to a juvenile home and offered to contribute to his upkeep. And he had done it for a few years, after which the boy faded from his memory.

He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in a few years and had lost his home and possessions piece by piece. Put in a home for the elderly, he had lain there neglected until an young man found him during his habitual rounds to feed the destitute. He was a successful banker. Pained by Richard’s condition, he had taken him in and made daily walks by the beach an important routine. The day when recognition flashed in Richard’s eyes and made him mutter “Karim?” was when life had come a full circle.

(150 words)

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