Month: September 2017

The waif that returned

The boy stared at the rusted facade. Each beam, window pane and rusted tin sheets whispered to him of tales of the years past, of the days when they had seen the patter of little feet busying going about their work.

The family heirloom

Andy was annoyed. He had enacted the grieving grandson role to perfection and endured the funeral. The old guy had always had a soft spot for him and usually favoured him in anything that pitted him against the other family… Read More ›

The pointless sacrifice

Priscilla was walking down the street fingering the ring in her pocket trying to locate the pawn shop next to the Plaza hotel. She finally spotted it and hurried in before she could change her mind. The punk hairdo guy examined the ring and shook his head when she wanted to pawn it. 

The journey to the land of the rising sun.

To say I was bedazzled by the lights and the skyscrapers on first setting foot in the land of rising sun would be an understatement. I was too busy taking in the clean and well laid out expressways on the way from Narita airport to the heart of Tokyo in Roppongi Hills to realize I had finally arrived at my destination.